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Exciting News - Studio Remodel!!!

Some women are luckier than others. I am one of those blessed women who has a supportive husband. He even jumps in and helps where he can, and I must say he is pretty darn handy!

Well, my wonderful husband not only agreed to sell our giant 12 foot long dining room table, and turn our dining room into a studio... He agreed to remodel it too!!!

I requested board and batten walls... He jumped right in on his time off from his regular job and started constructing.

After the board and batten was in place, he took my plain and boring walls and applied texture to the top half. This takes brute strength!

The texture dried, and I used my mad artistic skills to apply primer... haha!

Add more mad painting skills and a bit of style... And we have color! I am so in love with this color! Marble Gray!

Here it is before I finished cutting in the 2nd coat on the ceiling.

To get the perfect finish my husband is going to spray the primer and bright white on the board and batten. Hopefully he will be doing it this weekend. We have a gorgeous flooring picked out and then we have to test the popcorn ceiling for asbestos. I would love, love love to remove it! Pray it's asbestos free and we can make it our next diy project!

That's where we stand right now. Check back in a few weeks for the finished project! I can't wait to be able to work from home. Carting around all the backdrops, props, lights etc., gets bulky.

So I have to say once more, Thank you to my kind, supportive, loving and hard working husband John! <3 Click the like/<3 button if you think he's pretty awesome too!

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