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Sangha Family Portraits

Being a traveling photographer offers it's challenges. We learn to roll with each new situation as it arises. One instance of this is traveling to the Sangha family home. It is a big beautiful home, and I quickly set up shop. The challenges, their son was the calmest baby ever (as if that is bad right? It wasn't), but he was also the most awake baby I have ever photographed! He never fussed. You can tell he is going to be an intellect, or perhaps a people reader... We have many awake shots of him, and as a newborn photographer who shoots primarily sleepy babies, this was a new challenge, but I think this was a successful learning experience.

Other issues along the way were my pocket wizards (all 5 of them) refused to communicate with each other! Most of them are brand new and worked just fine my last session. So I had to shoot half the session tethered to a 3ft long cord. That made things challenging for sure. But we rolled with it right?

Lastly, our session was cut short by visiting family with small children. The Sangha has a large extended family and they were all so excited to meet Neil, it was obviously time for me to make an exit.

Despite all the challenges, our portrait session was a huge success, and the Sangha family is so very happy to have portraits to display and share! I have to thank Macie for the wonderful review she left me on Google today as well! A true testament to their happiness! (read my reviews here)

Here are a few images from our session! I hope you enjoy them as much as the Sangha family has.

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