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He Didn't Forget Our Anniversary, or Did He?

Despite what some may think, let me tell you, photography is expensive! It's just like any other technology I guess, and technology isn't cheap! Here's a quick example from this week.

I have a few different lenses in my camera bag. Zoom lenses, and prime. But this week I was given the opportunity to purchase my newest piece of equipment! I've been working hard, and my husband needed an out on an anniversary present he forgot to buy.... So he gave me permission to buy myself an upgrade! Yay! I bought a Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG Art lens! In non-photographer terms, it is not a zoom lens. It only shoots at 85mm. Why would I buy that? Zoom lenses are cool right? Well yeah, they are. They have their place, but because they have to focus at so many distances, they can get close to sharp images, but never the sharpness of a prime lens. And this is THE lens to have! So I am counting my blessings today! Don't get me wrong, it won't do it all, but it will do a lot for me! I still need my zoom lenses, and my 50mm lens, and I still have a few other lenses on my wish list.... But let me just cut to the chase and show you the difference.

Here is an image of my dog laying on my floor, in a darkly lit room (the curtains were closed). This image was shot with my Nikkor 24-120mm zoom lens at an aperture of 4, and zoomed in to 85mm to match my Sigma lens. I don't recall the ISO I took these images at, but it was the same for both images.

Next you will see the same image taken with my Sigma 85mm. But first, I have to say, PLEASE EXCUSE MY DIRTY FLOOR!!! While both images are underexposed (I did not do any post production on these) the difference is obvious! I was just playing around to show my husband a quick comparison. He was impressed. You can clearly see the Sigma allows more light into the camera at the same settings. The sigma image is also a lot more crisp, clear and sharp. My poor Jasper's gray hairs really show up in detail here! He can't see them though. He still thinks he's a puppy! Shhh.... Don't tell.

So you can see how my husband scored major points this week for our anniversary! I guess I feel lame with the gifts I ordered in advance. But my clients will now love him as well! Can't wait to use it on my first newborn, but first I have a wedding this weekend which will allow me to fully test it to it's limits!

Happy shooting, and thanks for reading my blog!

- Chantel

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