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Fleeting Moments. Why Maternity and Newborn Pictures Are So Important.

Having a new baby is expensive. All the new clothes, diapers and nursery accessories. Many parents over look new baby portraits. It just isn't in the budget. But.... With a little planning they can be!

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, everything changes. Your mood, your body, your whole life. Dealing with morning sickness and stretch marks. It is a daunting yet fleeting moment in your life. Think about it, 9 months.... 9 months of pregnancy is not much when you look back over your life and the next 18+ years of raising a child, but these 9 months have a huge impact on our bodies and souls.

I have 5 children. They permanently changed my body, but I no no longer have that huge swollen belly, I no longer feel the turning, kicking and random bumps. I miss their little hiccups inside me when life was simple. The easiest point of raising a child is that first 9 months. Even with the constant morning sickness. It is miserable, awful, beautiful and amazing all the same. But the beauty of it is gone after delivery.

Maternity photos capture the anticipation. The hope and wonder of what this child will bring into the world. Dreaming of 10 tiny fingers, and 10 wiggling toes. Cute baby coos. Maternity portraits forever externalize the love you have for your child before you really even know who they are or will become.

And then they are here. The fresh wrinkly skin, the soft velvet hair. The awkward umbilical stump (I actually love to capture the umbilical cord. It was their lifeline for 9 months, but gone forever within 7 day!) Within days their skin become flaky and begins to shed as they are growing already and adjusting to life outside the womb. The newborn to baby evolution begins and we can not stop it. These fleeting moments are happening so fast. Soon the excess hair will be gone, the wrinkles will fill out, and you will have a chubby infant mesmerized by the world, and the world will be mesmerized by him (or her). But those first weeks will be gone. Their freshness, their tiny appearance, and the innocence of birth have faded into the new phase. Those are the moments I love to capture. The brief time in life that is gone so fast.

Fleeting moments from Maternity to Newborn...

Fortunately planning ahead can help. My newborn sessions come with a complimentary maternity session to encourage you to capture all the important moments surrounding having a baby. Booking your newborn session before the baby is born helps alleviate the additional expense at such a critical time. Portraits become affordable. Another benefit to booking with Chantel Hunt Photography is I don't force a minimum purchase. I don't have package pricing. You can buy what is within your budget, whether it's one photo or fifteen. My newborn portraits are affordable.

Below is one of my recent sessions. I would love to capture these beautiful moment for you, your baby and your family! I hope you enjoy! Feel free to like or comment!

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