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Yuba City Boudoir

Boudoir is intimate, sexy, sultry, alluring.... That is what most women think of when they are considering booking a boudoir session. We all want to feel those things. We want our partner to think those things of us too. My clients are rewarded with those feelings, but not when they expect them!

A boudoir session creates all of those intimate, sexy, sultry and alluring feelings at the end, but the process is anything but... Seriously? Yes! Seriously! It's hard to feel sexy and sultry when you have your back arched, and your photographer is pushing you to arch it more, while relaxing your forehead and parting your lips..... The sexy zone it's not! It's awkwardly uncomfortable, but we make jokes, and find humor in the situation. Your boudoir session results become all those feelings I described, but surprisingly the biggest impact for my clients is the FUN! Yep, that's right, we have fun! We laugh, and joke and gossip like women do. It's relaxing despite the uncomfortable poses in high heels and corsets! ha... corsets! Who wears those for anything but pictures anyway!!! (insert a giggle...)

Boudoir sessions are a unique experience full of laughter, fun and of course really awkward moments! I love them though. Women, we love the, the bonding, the ladies only gossip, the cheesy jokes, and we love the results! If I have to stand on one leg (in heels to boot), point my other toe, cross my leg over, pop my booty, part my lips, dip my chin down and bring my eyes up, yeah I would feel like a flamingo too... But Damn..... You look like a Sexy Beast of a Flamingo!

All joking aside, Boudoir Sessions are a real treat for women, even if the men get to enjoy the final product!

Find out more about my Boudoir Sessions at https://www.chantelhuntphotography.com/boudoir

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