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Fighting Cancer - Good Vibes!

This young woman finished her last round of Chemo today!!! I am so happy for her! Fighting cancer is no joke. This cancer has taken an independent, strong young woman to her knees. For the most part she has been bed-ridden, and needs the use of a walker and a caregiver to just get around her house. Cancer takes your dignity, your looks, your health and more, as it bears it teeth and tries to take your life. It's a viscous fighter, but Sara is stronger. Her battle has been long and enduring, and has taken her son from her 5 days a week as she has been forced to find a caregiver for him while her partner is at work. Cancer has turned her whole life upside down, and she won't know if she has beat her cancer for some time yet. She still has lots of tests and other procedures to endure. We are hoping she will receive a bone marrow transplant this spring to help her regain her health and strength.

For now though, we are celebrating this milestone! 5 rounds of Chemo, and she's still here and fighting! This is truly amazing!!! I am asking our community for good vibes, thoughts, prayers etc for Sara. Pray her battle is over and she can recover to the the loving attentive mommy she wants to be!

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