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Newborn Session Preperation

Thank you for booking your session with me!  I look forward to serving you and your family!  Here are some helpful tips to help everyone be prepared and make the session go smoothly.

  • Time - Be prepared for me to be at your location for 3-5 hours.  I need 30 minutes to set up and 30-45 minutes to pack up after your session.  If we are doing sibling or family shots in addition to the newborn session, this increases the time.  Baby only sessions are shorter than those with siblings or family.

  • Space - I will need a 10x10 empty work area.  I can work in smaller spaces, but the larger the better.

  • Floor surface- I prefer a hard surfaced floor, if you have carpet, please let me know, as certain backdrops will not work on soft surfaces.

  • Family shots - My workflow typically starts with baby, then works to sibling photos and finally family images.   This gives Mom's ample time to prepare for her photos while I am working with the baby.  

  • Small Children/Siblings - If other small children are to be photographed, please advise me when they usually take their naps.  I will try to adjust my workflow to best suit everyones needs.  After nap is usually a good time for sibling photos.

  • Siblings Clothing - Do not dress them prior to the session.  They will have a difficult time staying clean for the 2 hour wait before their turn is up. 

  • Feedings & Diaper Changes - I work on the baby's schedule.  If baby is hungry or needs a diaper change or a few cuddles, don't feel rushed.  I schedule plenty of time for this.  Also, Do not feel the need to force your baby to eat before his session.  An over-fed baby will often spit up.

  • Sleep Schedule - Do not try to keep the baby awake before his session.  I work with the baby's natural schedule.

  • Temperature - please keep your thermostat set at 76+ degrees while I do the baby's session.  A warm baby sleeps better.  Especially when naked.  I do bring a space heater for supplemental heat as needed.

  • The Mess - Be prepared for a large mess.  I am a messy photographer, but I promise to pack it all up and leave your space as I found it when I arrived.  

  • Your Home - Do not feel the need to clean your home prior to my arrival.  I just need a small clean space to work in.  Mom just delivered a baby.  I expect some mess especially if you have other children at home.  Please relax and recover from child birth!

  • Inspiration - Be sure to send me any images that inspire you, or you would like to me to replicate.  I will do this to the best of my ability.

  • Safety - if you every feel your baby is unsafe, please speak up.  Your baby's safety is my highest concern!  I will be happy to explain the process and/or change the situation.

  • Posing - Some poses are not always possible.  Depending on baby's age, weight and flexibility, I sometimes can not achieve a desired pose without risking the babys comfort or safety.  

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